Upcycle your content

Companies invest a lot in communications and marketing efforts. Content creation can be costly and time consuming. Thinking creatively about the life cycle of a single piece of content could save on resources and broaden your offering. Check out Lewis PR’s post on Upcycling VS Recycling content. Jen Scheer includes 5 concrete examples of how you […]

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Client work: Hope Learning

Jim Beaubien and Karen Caesar hired me to project lead the creation of a new web site and brand refresh. Through brand discovery we co-created the following goals for their new site. They are great goals and I’m pleased to say post-roll out that my team delivered on all six.

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How to write a great speech

I love speech writing. Crafting the text is a great challenge, but then actually hearing someone you’ve worked with get up on stage and nail it is a whole other thrill. Better still, is hearing people laugh or applaud at all the right moments. With so many political speeches getting posted online in the lead […]

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