The effective email tease

There is an old marketing adage, originally written in a New York Herald Tribune column in 1956, that goes, “doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.”

Advertising mediums have changed dramatically since then, but advertising precepts and concepts have not. No matter what, we still have to find our audience, and we still have to find a way to not only sit in the spotlight, but get the audience to look when we wink.Read More »


Engage people with Campaign IT Strategy

Last month, while trying to answer the questions “What is a Campaign?” and “How do I get people to join?” I teased you with only 1 of the Five I’s of campaign strategy. I promised that I would deliver the rest this month.

I’m going to do one better. Well, two better actually.

The first 5 I’s listed here are the classic steps to move people through a campaign. The final I and the T I’ve added. I think they are critical for any type of campaign (marketing, election, outreach, fund raising, etc) but I would argue that they are especially critical if you are mounting an online campaign.Read More »

What is a campaign? And how do you get people to join you?

What do you think of when you hear the word campaign?

Political? Social justice? Fund raising? Military? Marketing? Save the whales? Sales?
All of the above?

campaign |kam’pān|

a series of operations intended to achieve a particular objective, confined to a particular area, for a specified amount of time and involving a specified form of engagement.

campaign |kam’pān|

to work in an organized and active way toward a goalRead More »

Michael Ignatieff’s “The Power of One” email campaign

Michael Ignatieff isn’t the only leader Federal Liberals are following.

Mark Sullivan, co-founder of the Voter Activation Network (VAN) is an American who many hope will reactivate the Canadian electorate. At the Liberal Convention this spring, Sullivan introduced delegates to the key voter database system used by the U.S. Democratic party in the past election.

According to Macleans Magazine, the Liberals have purchased Sullivan’s system, and are taking steps to overhaul their communications and voter database.

Today, came the first of what I expect will be a campaign of messages to rally and re-engage the Liberal base. And it came from Michael Igantieff. He made a simple request, and a simple offer.Read More »

The President needs me! AKA Establishing Urgency in an email.

Urgency is the campaigner’s best friend.

It is the difference between making a case for why someone should act (vote, donate, volunteer, buy, read, tweet, sign up, etc.) and why someone should act NOW.

Urgency tips the scales. If someone is already interested and engaged in your campaign, instilling a sense of urgency can move someone from getting to you in their own time, to the point where they are compelled to get to you in your time.

So how do you establish urgency? Here’s an example.Read More »

Need a newsletter?

Maybe we should talk. One of my goals this year is to publish more newsletters. Monthlies are popular with a lot of clients, but if you have an audience hungry for more frequent communication,  all the more reason to ask for help!

How can I help?

When I work with people on their newsletters, I might write and edit articles for them. I might develop their concept and campaign strategy. I might coach someone to publish for themselves. And sometimes I just do the whole kit and caboodle.

“Once again e-mail leads all other direct response channels in ROI. The Direct Marketing Association estimates that companies using e-mail marketing in 2008 generated an average $45.06 in revenue for each dollar they spent.” Jeanne Jennings, ClickZ reporter and  author of “The Email Marketing Kit: The Ultimate Email Marketer’s Bible

If you have a goal of getting a newsletter out this year, call me.

10,000 Free eNewsletters for Not-for-Profits

Recently, VerticalResponse (the tool I use to produce my eNewsletter, and some client eNewsletters) announced:

Promote Your Non-Profit Freely

At VerticalResponse, we are inspired by the work non-profits do, so we want to make it easier. Now you can save your donors’ dollars for other crucial projects. If your organization is a 501(c)(3)*, then you’re eligible to send up to 10,000 emails per month. Free!

I checked, they are extending this offer to Canadian non-profits too. And there’s no indication that this is a limited time offer bait and switch. This is a very good company.

In fact, I just signed up the Lulu Performing Arts Society. They signed up to better promote their performances, reach out to their community and gain valuable intel on the ratio of people who see the invites, to people who buy tickets! Once we know that, we have a base line and that aids all kinds of planning.

If you have a favorite non-profit, or if you work with non profits, send them these links.

Non Profits need to click here to sign up for an account (Any one can use this link to get a free trial of Vertical Response).

Then click here to register your non-profit status.

In addition to the fr@e delivery and tracking service, VR offers fr@e webinars about email campaigns and fr@e survey tools. Folks can get up to speed very quickly.

There are other tools specifically designed to help non profits launch professional email campaigns, Network for Good has one for example, but I don’t know of any that donate their service.

Sending your favourite charity to the link above is like sending them $10 – $50 every month, depending on what they currently pay for eNewsletter delivery. And if your favourite charity doesn’t send an eNewsletter, you might want to talk to them about how this now-fr@e tool could improve their donor drives, volunteer calls, community engagement and advocacy efforts.

And mention that according to Jeanne Jennings article in ClickZ, the Direct Marketing Association found, “E-mail is a relationship medium, meaning it helps develop, build, and strengthen connections… It’s especially effective at eliciting response from current [contacts].” Or send them to me. I love making making it easy for people to connect.

*501 (c)(3) is an American charitable status but Canadians don’t need it for this