Upcycle your content

Companies invest a lot in communications and marketing efforts. Content creation can be costly and time consuming. Thinking creatively about the life cycle of a single piece of content could save on resources and broaden your offering.

Check out Lewis PR’s post on Upcycling VS Recycling content. Jen Scheer includes 5 concrete examples of how you can get more value from your content.

Here’s an example from my world. Read More »


Would you use “&” or “and” in company names?

I write for some clients that specialize in branding. Occasionally, that means I get to weigh in on decisions about a new company name, or even the titles assigned to departments and department staff.

Today, a classic question came up. Should we use “&” or “and” between two words.

Not surprisingly, the designer favoured the “&” but the client favoured “and” so who’s right?Read More »

Very unique USPs: marketing brain food

Now that I’m back freelancing – LOVE IT! – I’m reading constantly again. Thought I’d make a habit of posting some of the food for thought I find.

Think Traffic: 10 Examples of Killer Unique Selling Propositions on the Web

What I like about the examples chosen for this post is that they are not only great examples of USPs but they are also (for the most part) well articulated brands. They know what makes them unique and it shows up in their use of language, colour, design – love the oddball chocolate company.

Guide to Better Business Writing

According to the Harvard Business Review publication called Your Guide to Better Business Writing, “A survey of 120 blue-chip American companies found that a third of employees wrote poorly, a problem businesses are spending more than $3 billion a year to correct.”

The book includes essays entitled “The Best Memo You’ll Ever Write” and “Writing Well When Time Is Tight”, which focus on a time-pressed manager’s need for a streamlined process to get ideas down on paper.

Here are the top 5 mistakes I see people make in business writing:

#1 Problem: people write what they want to say, and don’t think about what the people reading actually need to know.

Solution: Good writers focus on writing for their audience. We answer questions in ways that resonate with our readers.Read More »

6 easy ways to start Tweeting

Have you started Tweeting? Have you started and then stopped? No worries. Everyone needs a nudge sometimes.

The idea for this post came from a nudge I gave one of my clients. He set himself up with a Twitter account a few months ago. But instead of diving in, he started by following some people, businesses and organizations and watched their Twitter behaviour. He was trying to learn “the right way” to use Twitter.

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The effective email tease

There is an old marketing adage, originally written in a New York Herald Tribune column in 1956, that goes, “doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.”

Advertising mediums have changed dramatically since then, but advertising precepts and concepts have not. No matter what, we still have to find our audience, and we still have to find a way to not only sit in the spotlight, but get the audience to look when we wink.Read More »