What makes you relevant?

I worry about coaches and service providers who are continuously positioning themselves/ their ideas/ their companies with statements like, “Given these difficult times…” or “Recession-proof…” or “In today’s market…” What does that do? It demonstrates that you have read the papers – fine – but if you do too much of that kind of positioning, […]

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Mind Maps for Africa

One of my clients is a new media start up. Their mission is to create high quality media about African communities, and distribute it via the internet to people (African and nonAfrican) who want to know what is going on, at a grassroots level, in the developing nations. Brilliant! I’m in. But what am I […]

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3 Important Facts About Debt

Writing Sample. This article was written for Money Coach Sheila Walkington. 1. The average Canadian has over $36,000 in debt. OK, after reading a statistic like that you can’t help but compare yourself to it, right? Before you either jump for joy, or call for the whipping stick, remember that number is an average. Many […]

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