What makes you relevant?

I worry about coaches and service providers who are continuously positioning themselves/ their ideas/ their companies with statements like, “Given these difficult times…” or “Recession-proof…” or “In today’s market…” What does that do? It demonstrates that you have read the papers – fine – but if you do too much of that kind of positioning, […]

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What about price???

In my last post, workshop announcement checklist for coaches I suggested that including a price on your 1st tier promotion for a workshop (or service) isn’t necessarily a given. (Quick explanation of tiers: if 1st marketing tier = announcing the workshop in your newsletter, the text might link to a 2nd tier marketing tool such as […]

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Email me ’till I say stop

I can’t believe they dumped me! For the past year, I’ve followed the American presidential nominations, and then the race for President. I was fascinated to see how each candidate used email (with links to viral videos, social networks, etc) to reach new audiences and engage potential voters. And I followed the Canadian elections, both […]

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