Upcycle your content

Companies invest a lot in communications and marketing efforts. Content creation can be costly and time consuming. Thinking creatively about the life cycle of a single piece of content could save on resources and broaden your offering.

Check out Lewis PR’s post on Upcycling VS Recycling content. Jen Scheer includes 5 concrete examples of how you can get more value from your content.

Here’s an example from my world. Read More »


Advice to freelance creatives starting out

In 2016, I’ll celebrate ten years of freelance writing and consulting. In preparation, I’m carving time to look back over my key learnings, and share what I can. 

I wrote 7 Tips Every Freelance Writer Should Heed, And Newbies Need to Know for the Professional Writers Association of Canada, Toronto Chapter.

The tip that means the most to me is Tip # 2 Become an ambassador of your profession. It’s broadly applicable to any creative professional, so writer or no, if there’s a young creative in your life feel free to pass this on. 

Client work: Hope Learning

Jim Beaubien and Karen Caesar begin each relationship with one question. “How can we add value?”

Hope Learning Models ScreenshotThey are organizational thought leaders. Professors in the MBA program and the Executive Education Program at the University of Alberta, they also consult on organizational change management and strategic growth for companies across North America.

They hired me to project lead a new web site and brand refresh for their consultancy Hope Learning.

Through brand discovery we co-created the following goals for their new site. They are great goals and I’m pleased to say post-roll out that my team delivered on all six.Read More »

Would you use “&” or “and” in company names?

I write for some clients that specialize in branding. Occasionally, that means I get to weigh in on decisions about a new company name, or even the titles assigned to departments and department staff.

Today, a classic question came up. Should we use “&” or “and” between two words.

Not surprisingly, the designer favoured the “&” but the client favoured “and” so who’s right?Read More »

How to write a great speech

I love speech writing. Crafting the text is a great challenge, but then actually hearing someone you’ve worked with get up on stage and nail it is a whole other thrill. Better still, is hearing people laugh or applaud at all the right moments.

With so many political speeches getting posted online in the lead up to the US election, there are plenty of examples of what works, and what doesn’t, to learn from. And there are plenty of critiques floating around too.Read More »

Very unique USPs: marketing brain food

Now that I’m back freelancing – LOVE IT! – I’m reading constantly again. Thought I’d make a habit of posting some of the food for thought I find.

Think Traffic: 10 Examples of Killer Unique Selling Propositions on the Web

What I like about the examples chosen for this post is that they are not only great examples of USPs but they are also (for the most part) well articulated brands. They know what makes them unique and it shows up in their use of language, colour, design – love the oddball chocolate company.