Upcycle your content

Companies invest a lot in communications and marketing efforts. Content creation can be costly and time consuming. Thinking creatively about the life cycle of a single piece of content could save on resources and broaden your offering.

Check out Lewis PR’s post on Upcycling VS Recycling content. Jen Scheer includes 5 concrete examples of how you can get more value from your content.

Here’s an example from my world.  When a Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts property writes a description of one of their restaurants, that same description might show up in print brochures, on their consumer and travel advisor web channels, on Open Table (online reservation service), in press releases and e-blasts. One paragraph could get recycled 300 times across different communications products. That’s efficient brand management and resource management.

But that restaurant description could also be upcycled. By adjusting the lens, that same description can be the starting point for new communications products. Meeting planners don’t need the same information about a venue as someone booking a reservation for a couple’s night out. Edit the restaurant description to cut anything that references romance, family or a night on the town. Use the description of the atmosphere, include the venue’s maximum capacity, include a catering menu and you have landing page content for a campaign to drive meeting planners to book the restaurant.

Take the meeting planner version of the restaurant description, and add it to an FAQ sheet for wedding planners. Throw the max capacity into a “Did You Know” infographic for a powerpoint sales presentation designed to pitch the hotel to event planers. The list goes on and on.

Challenge your content producers, writers and marketing mangers to take the time to think about how new content can get recycled and upcycled at the point of creation to maximize your resources efficiently.

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