Where are you on the social media learning curve?

2 thoughts on “Where are you on the social media learning curve?

  1. What are your thoughts on businesses setting up Facebook pages? And, if they do, should the content there be unique or can it link to their blogs?

    We are pondering a Facebook presence because, as individuals, we have a lot of “friends” we could speak to through that medium.

  2. Hi Kris, I would answer that question differently for different businesses. And I think you may have answered it yourself in the way you posed the question.

    I have no doubt that you and your colleagues at the studio have a lot of friends you could “speak to” through facebook – but how many of them want to speak back? And specifically, how many will speak back to the whole studio via a studio fan page?

    Facebook is alive and dynamic when it is interactive – not when it’s used for old fashioned, one-to-many advertising.

    Here is a good article on brands/companies that are making effective use of their facebook fan pages http://mashable.com/2009/06/16/killer-facebook-fan-pages/

    You have your own personal friends. They like interacting with you on facebook. Would they want to interact with your studio? Do you have studio “followers?” Do you want to build interactive relationships with studio “followers?”

    Do you want to build relationships using facebook with people who are somehow related to the success story of your business (clients, colleagues, competitors) but who you wouldn’t count as personal friends that you communicate to via your personal page? If the answer there is yes, and you are willing to put the effort into nurturing those interactive relationships then sure, try out a studio fan page.

    But if you are primarily looking to keep all the contacts of the people in the studio informed via facebook, you can each just post a link to your blog when you add an article, or a link to your newsletter or website from your personal pages (in addition to the other fun relationship-building interactions you have) and save yourself having another page to monitor and maintain.

    Thanks for the question!

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