Calling all Tweeters: BC’s Stop HST Campaign hits Twitter

OK this is new. The NDP launched a Twitter campaign today to stop the HST in BC. Whatever side of the issue you come down on, this campaign was very well executed and there are definitely some good social media campaign take aways here. (Congrats to the good minds behind this campaign.)

The call for a Tweet-in went out to party supporters via email and also via Twitter this morning. Supporters who received the email were given links to send BC Liberal MLAs a Twitter message, urging them to stand up for their constituents, because their job is on the line. The emails also included a link for people to sign up to Twitter,  and a call to forward the email campaign so others can spread the word.

Interestingly, when you click on the forward link, instead of getting the usual “forward to a friend” tool that allows readers to forward the email without changing the formatting, readers are sent to the Twitter campaign page on the BCNDP site. There, they have the opportunity to share the campaign via Twitter or Facebook, which is a great way to broadcast the message. However, by not giving people the usual forward to a friend via email option they are missing out on the one on one personal communications that people who tend not to use Twitter and Facebook prefer.

The campaign page has a few strong design elements. Seeing the Twitter stream works well to suggest the high level of activity they have on this issue. (Not sure what it will look like tomorrow post-Tweet-in but today it is very strong.) That design call was a bit of a risk – what if people didn’t Tweet? – but it definitely paid off because right now the speed of the feed is down right frenetic!

Another design point for the page is that there are a lot of options for people who want to do more to support the campaign – possibly a few too many options. It can be good to keep these things simple and focused but everything on the page is campaign related and they get points for not muddying the water with a donation request.

Also it looks to me like the team behind this is nimble. I think they made an on-the-fly-fix. When the campaign launched this AM it didn’t have any hash tags in the  automatically generated Twitter message. I commented on it on facebook and I saw a few other comments and now (within 2 hrs) I see they have not only added a #HST tag but if you click through from the email, the message includes the first 3 digits of your postal code so the MLAs can’t dismiss the tweets and say that they had no way of knowing if the tweets were from their riding. Brilliant!

The Twitter message reads To MLA @DonMcRaeMLA I won’t forget the HST on election day. Stand up for your constituents #hst #bcpoli #V8T

All this is to say that I think this campaign will stir the HST pot on Twitter today. I’m inspired by the campaign design. And I’m curious about how people will talk about it and what the story will be tomorrow. What do you think?

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