When social media moves people: They showed up!

The question that everyone was asking before today’s rallies was, “How many people do you think will show up?” People wanted to know if the 200,000 people on facebook would translate into feet on the street.

In Victoria, Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament Victoria chapter has just over 500 members and just over 500 people confirmed to attend the rally. Did they show up? Yes they did and they brought their friends.

An estimated 1,500 people came out to cheer, “Whose house? Our House!” and “Pro-democracy, no prorogue”  – three times the number of people who clicked a button.

People drove from Gabriola, Nanaimo and Duncan. People took the ferry from Salt Spring Island. They came to be part of something. They came to remind our politicians and our Prime Minister that we set the political agenda for our country and we will not be taken for granted. They protested peacefully and forcefully, demonstrating that we know that we have to do more than vote on election day to maintain the integrity of our democracy.   More thoughts when I have rested  but I had to get some of this out of my head…

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