SEO Blogger by Wordtracker: use keywords that count

This morning, Wordtracker launched a new SEO tool to help bloggers write search-engine-friendly posts on the fly.

SEO Blogger is a free Firefox Add-On that opens up inside the browser window, right beside whatever blogging software you use.

I’m using it right now with WordPress and it looks like this. (Note the column on the left.)

Picture 1

As I type this post, I plunk some of my words into SEO Blogger and this is what I learn:

keywords (1,257 hits) is more commonly searched than keyword (168 hits)

seo tools (503 hits) is more commonly searched than keyword research (212 hits)

seo research (1 hit) is a surprising dud of a phrase

and just to put these search terms in perspective, jon and kate divorce scored 90,211 hits (mental note: look up jon and kate to find out who they are).

So what? Knowing this, bloggers who want people to find their posts via Google searches will find ways of working the higher scoring terms into their posts and titles. For example, now that I’ve worked “keywords” into my post, instead of just writing about “keyword” research I’ve boosted my chances of being found by people who want info on this topic by a factor of 10.

Writing clear, useful, easy to read blog posts, articles and website copy should be any writer’s first priority, but savvy writers are wise to write with the search engines in mind too.

Ultimately, SEO tools like SEO Blogger tell us what words our potential readers are using to access information about our topics. And keywords with high search stats are essentially people waving at us saying, lots of us want to know about this – help!!! So it just makes sense to make a direct connection between a reader’s identified need and a writer’s online offering.

My only question about this tool, and I have sent this question to Wordtracker, is what information (online activity?) I have allowed Wordtracker to collect while I use the SEO Blogger add-on. I’ll let you know what I find out.

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