Michael Ignatieff’s “The Power of One” email campaign

Michael Ignatieff isn’t the only leader Federal Liberals are following.

Mark Sullivan, co-founder of the Voter Activation Network (VAN) is an American who many hope will reactivate the Canadian electorate. At the Liberal Convention this spring, Sullivan introduced delegates to the key voter database system used by the U.S. Democratic party in the past election.

According to Macleans Magazine, the Liberals have purchased Sullivan’s system, and are taking steps to overhaul their communications and voter database.

Today, came the first of what I expect will be a campaign of messages to rally and re-engage the Liberal base. And it came from Michael Igantieff. He made a simple request, and a simple offer.

The stated request: if you aren’t a member,  become a member by clicking here

The stated goal: double the Liberal Membership

The explicit offer: become a member by Canada Day and your riding could be added to Micheal’s policy tour, and you could get Micheal’s ear on policy

The implicit carrot: you matter, and you feel this because Michael Ignatieff matters and he says you have power and that he wants you to get involved.

Since the fall, the Federal Liberals have been slightly more active and attentive with their post-election emails than the other parties but this email is the first I’ve seen from the Liberals that really signals that they are energizing the base to ramp back up. Check out the tone.

Sender: Michael Ignatieff

Subject: The Power of One

Dear Liberal Friend,

It’s time for us to redefine what it means to be a member of the Liberal Party. You and I have an opportunity to build a better Canada – a job that’s made easier with each new pair of hands.

So let’s start by doubling our current membership – one new member at a time.

If you’re not already a Liberal member, please join the party today. If you do so on-line before Canada Day, July 1, 2009, your riding could become one of two special stops being planned as part of my summer tour – a visit that would include an opportunity for you and me to sit down together in a private meeting to discuss your ideas for the future of our party and our country.

The Liberal Party of Canada is more than just a collection of individuals with Liberal values. Our members are part of a proud tradition of public service that reaches beyond our differences towards what unites us. Together, we are moving toward a new kind of politics, where all Canadians can play a part in shaping our future.

Help me build this movement and lead our party and our country. Visit the new membership section of the Liberal website and join the party today.

Yours sincerely,

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