Digital Good Deeds

This list of digital good deeds was part of something I sent out with the National Digital Media Day campaign. Maybe there’s still some good that can come of it…

We are in an amazingly fortunate situation. With a very simple click of a button, any one of us can DO something to help people around the world. Here’s how.

Click Free Rice Play an online vocabulary building game to feed the hungry. The more words you get right, the more rice will be donated by the UN World Food Program to developing nations.

Click Microlending It is taking off online. This week alone over 1,500 entrepreneurs were helped through KIVA loans. You can loan KIVA as little as $25 and support multiple initiatives.

Click Good Words For Africa Scrabble Kit Can you imagine helping African grandmothers caring for AIDS orphans by playing a board game?Stephen Lewis Foundation has developed a fun download so you can do just that.

Click Connect Your Friends to Your CauseSet up an online fund raising page of your own using Give Meaning and invite your social network to support a cause that you care about.

Click Be a Mentor Do you have skills that you want to share with the developing world?Sawa can partner you with a local hero in a developing nation who needs your skills.

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