Workshop announcement checklist for coaches – the fun version

I love writing for coaches. My clients are passionate, educated, articulate, and full of integrity. They make it really easy for me to help them with their marketing – who wouldn’t want to spend time with these people?

One thing clients come to me with over and over is, “What needs to go on my workshop announcement?” or “What information do I need to include on the invitations to my seminar?”

Here’s my checklist, which anyone, especially coaches, can use to make sure you are giving people everything they need to say, “Sign me up!”

  • 1 or 2 Line “What’s in it for me” statement: Foreplay isn’t the only kind of play couples need to do more of. Your favourite sassy, silly, relationship savvy marriage coach is back with another uproariously funny seminar that will leave you and your partner laughing your way back to love.
  • Name of the presenter (said with enthusiasm): Dr. Micky Love Joy returns to Vancouver with…
  • Title: How Tea Tasting Saved My Marriage: and other hidden pathways to rekindled love
  • Date: Feb 15, 2009
  • Location: The Ramada ballroom, Vancouver – discounts on rooms available (even locals might want to get a room)
  • When: 2:00 – 8:00 PM, with a Steak, Salmon, or Vegetarian meal served at 6:30
  • “What are we going to be doing” details: Wondering what you two could possibly have fun doing together for 6 hours? This seminar is a great mix of Dr. Love Joy’s sage observations about love and romance, and fun, off the wall assignments designed to get couples moving, laughing and loving with muscles you forgot you had! You will get out on the town, enjoy a great meal, share a laugh with new friends and all the while you will be learning and practicing to play for love-sake.
  • “Who is this for/What will I get out of it” details (this could be a list of learning outcomes, results, a testimonial, or a combination): Dr. Love Joy’s students walk out of her seminars wondering when they last had so much fun loving their lover. In a recent survey of past participants, couples overwhelmingly describe the seminar as a life changing experience. And they say they would never go back to a love life without play.
  • Overcome a known objection, or highlight the biggest benefit (and again this might be done well with a testimonial): “My husband wasn’t really into self-help seminars, but when I told him there was a steak dinner in it for him, he agreed to give it a shot. We had an amazing day at your seminar, and a year later, Ned is nudging me to check more things off our “to-enjoy together” list. We have never enjoyed ourselves this much, and we are doing it together. I’m really grateful.”
  • Specific details: Bring a good pair of walking shoes, comfy clothes for rolling around, a change of clothes for a glamorous dinner/dance, and a hair brush.
  • Link to more info about you, and your program details: The link goes to your website, with extra information / sales language – this is specifically for people who need more time/information to make a decisions so make sure the web page inspires people to register for this workshop.
  • Registration details: If someone is ready to sign up make sure you give them the opportunity and make it EASY.
  • Your bio (remember this isn’t where you went to high school – make sure your bio is written to support the sale): Dr. Mickey Love Joy has been bringing people back to love since she opened her private coaching and counseling practice in Hope, BC in 1968. Her best selling book Love: Ain’t it a Riot launched her onto the seminar circuit in 2001. Since then she has helped thousands of couples find love through laughter. Her next book Money or Nothing tracks 4 couples who almost divorced over money trouble, but they made it back from the brink financially and lovingly through the magic of play.
  • Urgent Call to action (with an easy link to register): The 1st 15 couples to register will receive a free advanced copy of Money or Nothing and a free 20 minute play date with Dr. Love Joy. Register Now!

Now, the price tag is always a sticky point. If your announcement is designed to push people to a website for more details, you can opt to just have the price on the website. Some people like to have the price on the announcement so people get a sense of either the value, or the affordability of the program – if that will help someone decide to act, I say give it to them. It’s your call, so I’m leaving Price off the checklist.

But remember that the #1 thing to get right is message. You know who is most likely to come to your seminar. You know who you are going to be sending the announcement to. When those people read your announcement, are they going to know that the seminar was made for them?

Write for your audience. Give them what they want to know. Give it to them in a clean and clear way. Connect it to something tangible and something intangible that they want. Put their needs before your deeds.

When you have that nailed, use the checklist to make sure you give people everything they need to buy.

Note: the order is a little flexible, and images help a lot – if they help you tell your story.

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