Ask and….

They love me again!

In my last post, I lamented that the political parties of North America forgot about me after the elections.

That was soooo last week.

This week, Liberal and NDP party members are emailing me daily about the coalition and the differences are fascinating.

The Tories still aren’t using email to get their message out but they are using twitter. Today, Mr Harper posted his first tweet since coalition talks began. I’m sure we are all reassured to know that as of three hours ago he is “Attending the Trees for Troops event at CFB Petawawa. ” (It would seem the message they want to get out today is that they don’t think a coalition is anything to bother about.)

The Liberals on the other hand have been contributing to the twittersphere daily with links to their statements and actions. For example:

Protect our democracy:

Fight back now: write to your local media! See: for help.

Question Period Starting: Wonder if all Conservatives will stand in support of Harper?

Now, they are getting the idea.

I like seeing what my elected officials are doing. I like feeling like I’m in the know. It is probably a little geeky but I’m thrilled to get updates from the decision makers of the world.

Of course Obama is taking e-mails to the next level. He’s started regular communications with his network again. We were notified about his appointments to key positions, including Senator Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State. And we were invited to participate in the next frontier of media-driven democracy.

Join your friends and neighbors — sign up to host or attend a Change is Coming house meeting near you.
Since the election, the challenges we face — and our responsibility to take action — have only gotten more urgent.
You can connect with fellow supporters, make progress on the issues you care about, and help shape the future of your community and our country.
Learn what you can do now to support President-elect Obama’s agenda for change and continue to make a difference in your community.
Take the first important step by hosting or attending a Change is Coming house meeting. Sign up right now:

I should also say that Senator Clinton’s team have maintained regular email contact since she started running in the primaries. When she lost the primaries there were a series of team emails consoling her supporters and then they picked up and started using their list to campaign for Obama (and to ask supporters to help her pay down her campaign debt – but hey they sent out great content with every ask). I still smile when I see an email from Bill Clinton in my email box.

These are fascinating times for media and democracy. And I am watching and learning everyday. How about you?

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