Do your clients and referrers know you?

People do business with people. Whether you are a one-person show or a large firm, you can use your communications tools to create opportunities for you and your people to get your name and face out in the world.

In this “world of choices” business environment, companies vie for attention by highlighting their unique advantages. Aren’t you a pretty unique advantage? What about your staff? I’ll say it again, people do business with people.

Web content, newsletter copy, business proposals… all your communications provide you with fabulous opportunities to help people get to know you and your company:

Use language that sets a tone for your business. If you are fun and dynamic, don’t just say, “we’re fun”. Use language that is light and structure your content in a playful (but still accessible) way. If you are primarily working with corporate executives, clear and concise messages with a touch of your humour would set you apart from those who stick to basic business-speak. That’s what I did for Core Dynamics Group’s site and the client feedback has been great!

Use the first and last names of your key people so that readers feel like they know your team. If Joe Smiley has run the printing press for your company for 35 years, let people know he’s your most trusted go-to guy and that folks are in good hands with Joe. Hemlock Printing has a nice way of establishing their staff as approachable-experts on their website (click on the Ink Lab link).

Use photos, don’t forget about visual language. That doesn’t mean stick a 4×6 glossy head-shot of you on your next business proposal (and let’s please put a moratorium on Christmas party photos on the web). Photos have to be appropriate and they have to be professional but there are fantastic ways to express your unique personality through a photo. I love how Industrial Brand Creative has used photos of their key creatives on their website and in their blog. And rethink takes it to a whole other level.

You may have clients who you will never meet face to face, I know that I do. But golf games and mixers aren’t the only way to build relationships. Use each and every communication to maximize your opportunities to be seen as a person, rather than a contract or worse, an extention of a product.

Last time, people do business with people.

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