For the Love of Dialogue

I am passionate about dialogue. I write for a living, and my goal is to motivate my readers, and my clients, to get off the page and into dialogue.

Because everything has to start somewhere: dialogue, write, read, dialogue, write, read, dialogue and so it goes.

When I start working with a new client, we spend a fair bit of time in dialogue. You can email me your promotional materials, or your annual report or send me a link to your website. I’ll read all of that and more to learn how you have represented your company, but the sparks fly fast and furious when we get talking.

And my clients love talking about what they do – very often I hear “Thanks for asking that” or “You know I was just thinking that through…”.

If I can hear what you are passionate about, if we can ask each other questions that drill right down to the heart of your work – that’s when we have something to write home about!

Now the trick with writing communications tools is to represent the energy and enthusiasm that comes out of our dialogue in a way that inspires readers to get in on the dialogue too. That’s where some writing falls flat – no passion.

The other thing to remember about writing is that it is NEVER a replacement for dialogue. It is altogether something different. Writing is one-way communication. It is an opportunity to give someone something that they need/want. And it is an opportunity to invite them into dialogue.

So that’s why I say I “write to speak” because more often than not, the #1 goal of communications materials is to get people talking – that’s where the energy comes from. And so it goes.

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